The NetzBeweis Team

The team in detail


Katharina Bisset

Chief Warlock / CEO

Thomas Schreiber

Deep Thought / Prokurist (Authorized signatory)

Philipp Omenitsch

Knight of Ni

We are a creative team with a passion for LegalTech.

Origin Story

The idea for NetzBeweis was born in June 2020. Katharina attended the LegalTech Hackathon, which was organized by the Institute for Innovation and Digitalization in Law at the University of Vienna and the FH Campus Wien in a cooperation. As Katharina often had to suffer from bad screenshots and tedious evidence preservation, the idea that evidence preservation could be easier in cases of online hate was born during the hackathon after some online meetings. The resulting prototype was chosen as the winning project.

Because it was a matter of the heart for Katharina, she was already thinking about the future of this project at the time and eventually took the idea forward together with LegalTech programmer Thomas Schreiber, who participated in the hackathon as a mentor. Cybercrime lawyer Michael and Philipp as the second software developer, made the NetzBeweis team complete. After many extensions and adjustments, NetzBeweis was finally created and the web form went live in February 2021. We as the NetzBeweis team are very proud of what has come out of that idea at that time so far and are happy to be able to improve the preservation of evidence online and to contribute to the fight against hate on the web.

Soon after the go-live, we went on a secret mission to Cologne. There, we were even able to convince two lions on “Die Höhle der Löwen“, and are pleased to have Carsten Maschmeyer and Nils Glagau on board as investors. Now that our appearance on the May 2022 show has aired, we’re taking off together even faster! 

Mag. Katharina Bisset, MSc

Attorney | Nerd | Founder | Multipotentialite – that describes Katharina best. She spends her time as a lawyer, CEO at Nerds of Law and NetzBeweis, with the nerdy things in life, or with her husband and dogs in the garden.

In the NetzBeweis team she is the (thank god not singing) front woman and chief bugfinder.

DI Thomas Schreiber, LL.M. (WU)

With his multidisciplinary education – a TU degree in software development and a business law degree at WU – Thomas Schreiber moves through the world of software development as well as that of law.

At NetzBeweis, he takes care of the server and extension programming – and makes sure that the NetzBeweis reports are also accepted by the ERV.

DI Philipp Omenitsch

Philipp holds a Master Degree in Computer Science (TU Vienna) with a specialization in Deep Learning. He has also worked in Moscow for Visionlabs, a global leader in facial recognition, as an R&D staff member on the latest state-of-the-art approaches.

He founded the startup Stresscoach 2019 that helps people with anxiety and stress. Its strength lies in the combination of scientific knowledge and practical application in dealing with large amounts of data.

Mag. Michael Lanzinger

Trouble-Shooter / LawBuster / Nerd of Law – are the three terms Michael is associated with. In normal life, as a criminal defense lawyer, he is often on the darker side of the force, but at NetzBeweis he becomes a lawyer for those affected.

If he happens to be not working or sleeping, he hosts the NoL podcast with Katharina, lectures at the Bar Academy, or plays The Simpsons on his smartphone (consistently since 2012).

"Bullying and hate on the Internet are unfortunately not uncommon and affect many people. NetzBeweis have developed software that helps those affected by hate comments and cyberbullying on the net to take legal action. Often, evidentiary problems are the biggest issue for those affected. So I'm particularly pleased that they have such an important and great solution that I'm happy to have invested in with Nils."

Carsten Maschmeyer
Investor, seed+speed

"Hate on the net unfortunately affects many users. The fact that NetzBeweis offers a solution here that can be used by both professionals and end users to secure data excites me, and I'm glad that Carsten and I were able to make the deal."

Nils Glagau
Investor, Rock B(r)and

NetzBeweis Portrait

Our Awards

Promoting the Best Award 2021

Best Legal Tech Innovation iin Law - Attorneys

To the Award

Innovation Award 2021/2022

in the category "StartUp"

To the Award

riz up GENIUS Idea and Founder Award 2022

2nd place in the category "Digital Genial"

To the Award

WKO Female Entrepreneur of the Year AWARD '22

for Katharina Bisset in the Category "Founder & StartUp"

To the Award

Our Memberships

Legal Tech Verband Deutschland

The Legal Tech Verband Deutschland is committed to promoting digital business models and solutions for the legal industry. The members of the association promote innovative legal tech solutions through their know-how, competencies as well as best practices and industry experts from a wide range of disciplines and form an incomparably strong network.

InsurLab Germany e.V.

With over 80 members, InsurLab Germany e.V. is the largest InsurTech initiative in Germany. The association is a bridge builder between startups and established insurers. The goal is to jointly transform the German insurance industry through digitization and to further develop or transform business models.