Simple preservation of evidence on the Internet.

Digital preservation of evidence

NetzBeweis is the one-click evidence tool for web pages. Easy to use, it automatically provides you with unalterable PDFs as evidence at the highest quality – saving you time and money.

NetzBeweis for Private Use

NetzBeweis helps (private) victims of online hatred, stalking, fraud, etc. with the free digital preservation of evidence. Our service allows you to take screenshots of publicly accessible websites (e.g. Twitter) and generates a PDF with timestamp and digital signature, which can be directly submitted as digital evidence to the authorities (e.g. court, prosecutor’s office or police). For private websites the paid browser extension can be purchased.

NetzBeweis for Businesses

With the paid NetzBeweis Browser Extension lawyers, companies, public authorities and private individuals can automatically secure even the most extensive private websites, such as various social media platforms or private chat messages, and the software merges the screenshots into an electronically signed PDF with a time stamp.

The significantly higher quality of evidence leads to better probative value in court and additionally to more satisfied clients.


NetzBeweis News

Overview of our service

With the NetzBeweis Web Form, affected (private) persons can save public websites free of charge.

With the NetzBeweis Browser Extension, you can save any website with Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge.

If necessary, our partner lawyers will accompany you through the entire process and help you to enforce your rights.

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Austrian Laws about online hate.
Available as paperback and e-book!

Published 2022 by NetzBeweis GmbH at facultas / FlexLex

ISBN: 978-3-99071-208-5
Edition: 1st edition
97 pages
20.9 cm x 14.9 cm