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NetzBeweis for Companies

Whether lawyers, companies or public authorities – the use cases for NetzBeweis are diverse. With the Browser Extension browser extension you can create web evidence with one click. You can find out how we can support you in your daily work here.


To enforce the rights of your clients

The first use case for NetzBeweis came from the legal practice of our CEO. Saving evidence in cases of online hate and personality violations on the Internet. But it is not only in this area of law that NetzBeweis offers a quick and easy way to create court-ready evidence for clients. Other relevant areas of law include:

  • Saving conduct in violation of competition law (advertising, etc.) on the Internet
  • Trademark and copyright infringement on social media and websites
  • Evidence of criminal conduct, e.g., threats in personal messages, in victim advocacy
  • In divorce proceedings, relevant content, e.g. conversations via WhatsApp, can be saved


Legal departments, HR, marketing, and much more

The activities of a company and its stakeholders can be found in many places on the Internet. This can also lead to actions that need to be recorded. Examples are:

  • Anti-competitive behavior of competitors
  • Saving unlawful statements
  • Document Google reviews
  • Employee conduct in social media relevant under employment law
  • Proof of when certain content, such as terms and conditions or privacy information, was published


Public entities and administration

The preservation of evidence on the Internet can also play a major role for authorities and public offices. This may be relevant in the following areas:

  • Proof that content subject to publication by public authorities was duly announced on the Internet, and at what time.
  • Preservation of evidence of attacks on legal entities on the Internet.

NetzBeweis Browser Extension

For saving private websites, private persons can also purchase the paid Browser Extension.


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